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"Health Exam Information"

  The information on this page is to help you to better understand health exams, tests and procedures preformed on ALL Waidin Mi-Ki puppies and adults.
These procedures should be preformed by all Mi-Ki breeders and is up to you to inquire and insist they be accomplished.

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Cardiologist Heart Exam:   All Waidin Mi-Ki adults and puppies are examined by a Cardiologist to clear them of any heart abnormalities.   OFA recommends a Board Certified Cardiologist  and we would not feel comfortable going to a local practitioner in matters concerning our Mi-Ki's hearts.   Adults are examined yearly and OFA Certified. (sample certificate) Puppies are examined after 10 weeks of age, but must be 12 months of age to OFA certify.
CERF Eye Exam:   All Waidin Mi-Kis are taken to a Board Certified Ophthalmologist to have their eyes examined for any defects that may be present.   Adults are examined yearly and Registered with   CERF at Purdue University  and OFA. (sample certificate)  Puppies are examined after 10 weeks of age.
Complete Veterinarian Physical:   All Waidin Mi-Kis are examined by my local Veterinarian, Daryl Waits, Jr., DVM, (740)335-6161. He is who accomplishes all my exams and procedures that do not warrant a specialist. All Waidin Mi-Kis are examined prior to each breeding and puppies before going to their new families.   (sample Waidin Mi-Ki Veterinarian exam)  Patella examination will also be accomplished and  OFA application will be completed and accompany each puppy to their new family.  These exams are accomplished at approximately 7 weeks of age, but must be 12 months of age to OFA certify patella.
Baseline CBC & Chemistry:   All Waidin Mi-Ki adults have a  Complete Blood Count & Chemistry Test  accomplished at one year of age or before their first breeding. These baseline blood tests insure overall health and internal function is normal or would alert us of any potential problems.
Orthopedic Foundation For Animals:  OFA is a non profit organization that certifies test results of many hereditary defects that are in all breeds of dogs.  All Waidin Mi-Ki adult heart and patella results are certified with OFA.  A copy of the parents OFA certificate is given to the puppy's new owner.  OFA requires exams to be done after one or two years of age, depending on what is to be OFA certified.   An OFA application is not OFA certification.  CERF results are also listed on the OFA website.
Vaccinated and Wormed:   All Waidin Mi-Kis puppies are Vaccinated at 6 and 10 weeks of age and wormed as directed. A complete vaccination and health record will accompany your puppy along with a Complete Care Package.
Dew Claw Removed: Dew Claws are the tiny pads and nails on the inner sides of the Mi-kis legs. They can get caught in carpeting or blankets causing pain and there is also a possibility of getting nicked by the clippers during grooming. All Waidin Mi-Ki puppies have these removed at 3 days of age so there is less stress on the puppy. Dew Claws must be removed if you intend on showing your Mi-Ki.
Dual Registered with CMA and CDHPR: Waidin Mi-Ki litters and adults are registered with both Continental Mi-Ki Association, Inc. (CMA) and the Canine Developmental Health and Performance Registry (CDHPR) . Since January of 2002 the CMA has been registering and keeping accurate documentation of all Mi-Kis and their litters requiring DNA-VIP and implementing a strict Breeder Code of Ethics. Waidin Mi-Kis is committed to the CMA/CDHPR Official Breed Standard,  producing quality Mi-Kis that display outstanding type, temperament, health, and conformation. The CDHPR accepted the CMA into their entry program for the United Kennel Club, Inc., the second largest purebred canine club in the United States, in July 2008.
DNA-VIP: Smaller than a grain of sand, a DNA sample can unlock identity, parentage and pedigree. The Gold Seal DNA-VIP "Verified Identified Parentage" is accomplished on all Waidin Mi-Ki puppies and adults thru the United Kennel Club, Inc. in accordance with Canine Developmental Health Performance Registry. DNA can be done on any puppy, but Waidin Mi-Ki match the DNA with the parents for proof of parentage generation after generation.
Puppy Aptitude Tested (PAT):  All Waidin Mi-Ki puppies are PAT scored using the Wendy Volard method a series of procedures which show behavioral tendencies of each individual puppy. Puppies do not pass or fail the PAT, it indicates behavioral tendencies only. This is to help the breeder match each individual puppy to the best possible homes and insure our Mi-kis endearing temperament is passed on to their puppies. We also implement the Volhard method in training all our Mi-Kis starting the day they are born.
Micro Chipped: All Waidin Mi-Ki puppies are Micro Chipped along with DNA to identify them. The micro chip is added insurance of recovery if your puppy is ever lost or stolen. All animal shelters and most Veterinarians are equipped to scan for a micro chip implants and can notify you immediately if they find your lost pet. A Micro Chip is smaller than a grain of rice, implanted under the skin using a hypodermic needle where it remains safely for life.

Please feel free to contact me for more information on any of the above or other areas of concern.

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