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Bonnie Campbell


Comments From Our Adoptive Homes & Extended Mi-Ki Families

Harvey is so sweet, Dan is thinking we should have just named him so sweet or so cute. Not great names for a boy though!

He is totally trained, if I take him out he will go potty but if he has to go when we're not right there, or if it's raining since he doesn't like rain, he'll go in his box with the piddle pad. So he runs around the house but knows what to do when he has to go. Smart little boy! We are trying to get a video of him rolling over to email to you, it is so cute.

I plan to stop at the vet next week to have him weighed, we think he's finally put on a little weight. It's hard to tell when he's so small and light but I'm thinking he might weigh nearly 5 pounds! I'll let you know. Have a great weekend.
Linda, WV
Hi Bonnie,
We have had a wonderful trip, and the visit to your home was the highlight. It was great to meet you and your family. We very much enjoyed seeing your dogs (but I can't help thinking of them as puppies because of their diminutive size). The opportunity to see Larry's taxidermy shop was quite interesting. My favorite piece was the piebald squirrel. Have never seen one with that coloration.
Take care, Rosalie, AR (waiting list)
Hi Bonnie,
Harvey was playing wildly within an hour of arrival, running around and jumping. He ate his dinner, went out and pooped. He fell asleep on my lap around 9:30. At 11 we went to bed with Harvey in his carrier on a bench next to our bed. He slept until 7 this morning, went out and peed and ate every bite of his breakfast. At 11 this morning I took him to the vet. She took one look at him and said to the staff, "have you ever seen a cuter face?!!" She went through his records, took a look at some of the info in the book and said "you found a really good breeder." Of course we knew that!! She pronounced Harvey in great form, temp good, eyes, ears, heart and lungs all good. He didn't complain a bit, even at having his temp taken.

He slept in the car in his carrier in the car all the way home from the vet and while I made a quick stop. Once home he ate, played and is now napping. We can't believe how he jumps, he looks spring loaded!! We put a pillow on the floor for him to crawl around, he grabbed the edge of the case and pulled the pillow about a foot, very strong. When we first put the pillow out he couldn't get on top of it. Within an hour or so he got on top of it and now he jumps and crawls onto it easily. He is such a cutie. He's fun to play with and cuddly too.

I can imagine you all miss him, including his Mi-Ki family. We've been so busy playing with him that I've done some funny things. I threw a roast and some veggies in the crock pot so I could forget about cooking until dinner, because of the vet appointment I was starting it an hour late so decided to put the crock pot on high instead of low. Checking on it 90 minutes later I discovered that I had the crock pot on high but hadn't plugged it in!!! so the roast is now in the pressure cooker and I hope it turns out ok. who needs to eat, right?! I do need to get some shopping done but I hate to leave him for more than an hour or so, Dan missed him just in the time I took him to the vet.

We really enjoyed looking at the goodie bag you sent and the book. We didn't get to look at them closely at your place but went through everything last night. You are so thoughtful!
Linda & Dan, WV & MN
Wow, we really lucked out when we picked our puppies. They come from a great line.
Marcia, PA
Bonnie--Congrats. to you, Figgy and Steppin. Toby always gets commented on when we're out--both his beauty and his personality! He comes from a great breeder and excellent stock!--Am I bragging?
Pam, OH
Ahjee is doing great. She is still my precious baby, and my mom still spoils her.
Susan, OH
Hi! Percy and all of us are doing great! He still does his 'time trials' around the house when he gets excited. It is a riot to watch! Since we have hardwood floors he starts at the rug in front of our porch doors and races to the dining room rug and back to the porch rug (they are two of only a few places he can get good traction going)!

I keep his hair short and let him wear shirts when he is cold. He loves to wear them! I bring one out and he gets all excited and sticks his neck out so I can slip them on. I have a cute one that says, "mommy's little pain in the ass". He loves giving kisses and has no fear of heights either (which means I have to watch him when he gets on the couches - he'll barrel right off the back of it, which wouldn't be as bad if we had carpet, but we have hardwood floors - so not good). He also hates getting his feet wet. We still have him trained to go in the shower - variation on the litter box - which is good because all the snow we get, he does NOT like being in it at all.

So you never adopted Itty Bitty out huh? I still remember how she hid under the play pen and would shoot out to bite Percy's ankles the day we came to pick him up! She was/is a cutey! One thing I remember too was one of the adults would chew/suck on a stuffed toy they had; well Percy does that too, to the loop on his kennel pad! He'll drag it out of his kennel, lay on it and chew on the tag. Funny!

Brenda, IN
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